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In years gone by most homes had an outside toilet and many did not even have a bathroom at all, fortunately things have moved on from those times and now all homes have a bathroom and some even have two or three. In those homes with more than one bathroom it is not uncommon to find a bathroom that is specifically for use by the parents or adults in the home and a bathroom that is for sole use by the children of the residence. If you are fortunate to be in this situation where your children have their very own bathroom the time may come where you have to undertake a remodelling or redecorating job for them. So what is the best way to approach this job and what should you do to make the results a success?

Did you know that approximately two-thirds of accidental wounds and injuries occur in a shower or bathtub? This may come as no surprise to some of you, since it can be very slippery in the bathroom. Traditional bathtubs pose a risk of slipping also because of the need to climb in and out of it with large steps.

When Remodeling A Bathroom What Should You Do First

Cost Of An Average Bathroom Remodel

Not to be confused with the “French,” or rubble drain (which is normally used for outdoor applications), the channel drain, also known as the linear shower floor drain or the tile shower trench drain, offers several advantages over traditional drainage systems – particularly when it comes to wet room shower design or a tub to shower conversion. Not only does a channel drain offer greater reliability, they are also much more modern and stylish and actually cost far less than a standard shower drain installation. A Short History Many people are surprised to learn…

A great way to revitalise your bathroom and give it a make over without spending a fortune is to look at replacing your bath panel. Whilst this may seem simplistic, you can get great results if you find the right supplier and put your creative mind to it.

Even though those of us in the know acknowledge the benefits and importance of making bidet usage part of our daily routine, many Americans still haven’t done so. For most people, their only exposure to bidet use has been a free standing version, which is a unit separate from the toilet and equal in size. Fortunately, today we have other options which are designed to accomplish the same end. (No pun intended.) One of these options is the bidet toilet attachment. Let’s take a few moments to compare these two methods of personal hygiene.

Should I Remodel My Bathroom

It’s up to any designer or homeowner what style and overall look they want for a bathroom. They can choose to have a wide and open master bath with minimalistic approach or one that is reminiscent of a period design like small, ornate bath and powder rooms.

There is no denying that urban homes often boast less space than rural properties and making the most of the available room is no doubt important, which people may want to consider when undertaking renovations on their bathrooms. One solution for refurbishing these areas could be replacing baths with luxurious shower enclosures, complete with glass walls. Smaller homes mean that more money can be spent on nicer finishes. You can stay with the products that are going to be more timeless.

The steam shower is a true marvel of modern science offering cutting edge technology encompassed within a self-enclosed shower cubicle and although the steam unit utilises the latest remote controlled technology its real benefits come in the form of their therapeutic and health benefits. The popularity has increased dramatically for the steam shower and is mainly due to the amazing attributes found within each of these showering appliances. However there are still individuals who are not completely aware of these outstanding devices.

Recaulking a bathtub that has been refinished takes a different approach to recaulking a bathtub that has not been refinished. Refinished bathtubs have an epoxy finish applied to them that can easily become scratched or chipped away.

Can You Remodel A Bathroom For $5000

When you take a shower, the immediate problem is that the mirror is fogged. You are not able to use it immediately because you still have to clean the mirror before you can actually use it. If you can’t find a tissue paper you either use your towel or robe to wipe the mirror clean.

People looking to introduce countertops in their bathrooms might be interested to hear that one industry expert believes granite and quartz are still very much in fashion at the moment. Speaking to the Las Cruces Sun-News, Ed La Puma, owner of 77 Stone, explained that where granite is concerned, there are a number of different varieties and the material is durable as well, whereas quartz is clean, hygienic and stains less easily as it is not as porous.

For the elderly and those that have mobility concerns, taking a bath everyday is a pain. They cannot take a bath without someone assisting them and that may cause them to feel helpless from time to time. Walk in bathtub benefits however, gives you the opportunity to enjoy bathing, without relying too much on other people.

Does Bathroom Remodel Cost

If on the other hand your bathroom is decorated in bold colors and vibrantly painted wall paper then it will be somewhat of a challenge to choose the right kind of furniture. However for this kind of a colorful and dramatic setting you can opt for dark tones in bathroom furniture so that the furniture does not take the attention away from the statement that the decor is making.

Can a bathroom remodel raise your home’s value? According to the Cost vs. Value Report issued every year by Remodeling magazine, in 2015 homeowners saw a 70 percent return on investment for mid-range bathroom remodels costing approximately $11,707. If you have the available funds and want to increase your home’s value in preparation for putting it on the market, or you simply want a fresh look, follow these bathroom remodel guidelines.

If you plan to remodel your shower to make it more modern, consider these basic aspects of modern shower design. By choosing the right shower finish material, fixtures and shower door, you can create a modern aesthetic for your bathroom.

Are you fond of taking showers several times daily? Are you aware of the secret behind the water pressure and rush of water from your shower head? For sure, not all individuals know the power behind the water pressure from the shower head. Shower pumps are the secret behind the comfortable and convenient showers you take everyday. To know more about it, read this article.

Bathroom designers in Surrey and Berkshire can help you with a range of modern and traditional fittings. Including baths, showers, walk in showers, sinks, toilets, taps and more.

Renovation Contractors

Where To Save On Bathroom Remodel

Barrier free showers are also known as handicap showers, accessible shower or roll in showers. Such a facility should be as the name says it, without barriers that can block the access of people with disability caused by handicaps, illnesses or birth defects. As the owner or administrator of a location that is likely to host persons with motor disabilities, you should be aware that regulations can mandate you to install an ADA shower.

Bathroom furniture plays a crucial role in elevating the overall price of your home. A little investment and understanding of what or what not to do is all you need. Creating an elegant style and theme for your bathroom needn’t be difficult. Take the time to read through this article and follow the practical advice it offers to ensure you receive the highest possible price for your home.

How Much Is Bathroom Remodel Cost

Do you wish to have a perfect bathroom? Well, instead of the usual shower, you can spruce it up by adding a modern bath vanity. Using this furniture, you will feel a lot better when you take a bath every day.

Mirrors are a standard feature in bathrooms and powder rooms, both for their practical nature and their ability to visually enlarge a small space. In most homes, builders simply take a plate mirror cut to size and glue it to the wall.

For those who have or will be installing a tile floor or wall, a very important part of the process is the use of grout between the tiles. This is a cement-like material used to fill in the spaces between the ceramic pieces. It adds to the finished look of the area, as well as protecting the pieces from movement that could destroy them.

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