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A Shower Quadrant is one of the biggest purchases for a bathroom and you will want to make sure you get it right and are not stuck with an enclosure that you are not happy with. In this article we outline how to go about choosing the right Shower Quadrant for your home and give several tips on what you should consider to help you avoid any unwanted problems when it comes to be installed in your bathroom.

Valentine’s Day may have already passed, but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t still keep the romance alive by treating your partner – you can show your loved one that you care by making some simple thoughtful changes in your bathroom. Traditionally in films, we have seen large romantic gestures where people are given huge bubble baths to indulge in, laced with rose petals and surrounded by candles. It is not too hard to recreate this look…

Do Bathroom Remodels Add Value

How To Remodel Your Bathroom

These days most of the homes are tightly insulated with effective heating or cooling systems. Doors and windows are sealed tightly and this results in poor quality of indoor air. Closed windows and doors can lead to stale and unhealthy indoor air circulation. This can cause allergies, ruined furniture, mold and ruined paint. Mechanical ventilation becomes essential to improve the quality of indoor air in homes.

Handicap bathtubs make bathing easy for those with limited or no mobility. Many types are available including ones specifically for the handicapped and ones that any family member may use. Be sure to look for safety features when choosing your tub so all who bathe do so safely as many accidents occur in this room of the home.

There are different designs used when creating wet rooms. While some people choose to have a completely open space, others choose to install wet room screens. The screens help to offer some form of protection and a level of privacy.

Order In Which To Remodel Bathroom

Wet rooms, like bathrooms, take many forms. From sleek, ultra minimalist monochrome, through warm natural tones, to a Moroccan-inspired riot of colour and detail; the only defining feature of a wet room is that it is tiled, open plan, and… wet.

Many people simply have a roll of toilet paper sitting on a counter in their washroom for people to use. This is uncleanly, inconvenient, and not very classy. A toilet tissue caddy solves all these problems.

Wall mount bathroom sinks sure are not what they used to be. Traditionally when a person thinks about a wall mount bathroom sink they picture a standard white institutional sink in their mind. The wall mount sinks of today have gone upscale and in a big way. You can find all sorts of fabulous styles now available for use in your home bathroom renovation.

Finding a handicap bathtub is easy. However, finding one that incorporates all of the features essential to make bathing as trouble free as possible for those with mobility issues is a different story altogether.

Is Bathroom Remodel Diy

Most homeowners out there remodel and renovate their houses for themselves, and their families. There are also those who don’t do for aesthetics, but more to increase the value of their house.

At some point in our lives we all have the huge task of buying or renting our first home. It’s a stressful time however it becomes a challenge that we want to make our own, by allowing our personalities to shine through in the decor we choose for that home.

MIRA SHOWERS, recently acquired by Kohler Company, was founded in 1921 by Walker Crosweller & Co. Ltd. based in London. They are the UK’s biggest showers manufacturer, leaders in technology and also most popular brands in the market. They make exclusive and unique shower systems, showerheads, and other shower related accessories. They are leading the way since 1937 when the world’s first ever thermostatic shower was launched.

Bathroom Remodel

Refinishing tubs and other fixtures is a great way to save on a bathroom remodel. Make the most of your renovation budget with tile resurfacing and more!

When you are designing your bathroom you will want to pay attention to details. Among the finer aspects are the accessories which you will add to the room. These are the items that will give the room that extra flare that you need to get the right look.

Basic home designs are a dime a dozen. That’s why when it comes to your perfect home design, there’s not one out there like it, and probably won’t be again.

What are the most important rooms in the home? According to feedback that we get from estate agents and those in the know, the bathroom and the kitchen are typically rooms that prospective home-buyers devote a lot of attention to and can certainly help to swing the deal one way or the other.

Bathrooms are one of the most significant rooms in your house because it’s a place where you begin and end your activity within the day. There are different types of bathrooms and one of which is called “Half Bathroom/Half Bath” that is considered the smallest type of them all.

Garden Suite

Do Bathroom Remodels Require Permits

The main reason why you should have a bathroom vanity unit is that it permits you to conceal the pipes and other fixtures, in order to turn them into a storage space. It is also holds the sink neatly wherever you want in the bathroom. Without vanity, a wash basin would have to stand freely, which is an expensive setup.

Bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes. What’s the perfect one for you?

How Much Will It Cost To Remodel A Small Bathroom

The internet is our friend and you can use it to your advantages to find the perfect bathroom ceiling lights. Ceiling lights can be classified into to options namely chandeliers and ceiling fan lights. Here you will find the advantages of both options and your choice can be a bit easier to make.

Nothing beats the luxury of soaking up in a refreshingly warm bath with an elegantly sparkling bathroom floor beneath your feet. Having an appropriate bathroom flooring to match the existing decor of the most intimate area in your home can create a heady ambiance of refreshment and leisure. Although the novelty factor is a prerequisite, it is also essential to choose a bathroom flooring that would serve its functional purpose.

If bathrooms are neglected they become mould-ridden, damp and gloomy instead of the tranquil places they should be to pamper yourself and relax. The average three-bed tends to have a small-sized bathroom but you can use bathroom design software to plan where your furniture will go to ensure maximum space to move around.

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